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You possess the ability to attract whatever it is you desire for your life

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Posted on: 06/14/18

You possess the ability to attract whatever it is you desire for your life. Take the time to discover your true worth. Discover  and utilize your Divinely given gifts in the proper way and you will have opened the door to unlimited blessings, peace, and prosperity far beyond what you ever thought was humanly possible.

Let's look at the 3 main groups of people?

Some it seems, receive everything they want. The thing that they initially thought they wanted, and what they thought would make them happy, wasn't really what they thought to begin with, but now, this time,  they really know what it is that they want, and if they can only acquire that thing, then they will be truly happy.

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to attain things, and wanting to become more, there is far more to true fulfillment than just acquiring material possessions. It is based on your ability and willingness to see yourself worthy of receiving them. Some believe that if they could only get that piece of property they have been looking at, then they'd be happy. Anything and Everything that you can possibly conceive has the possibility of being created, and it's actualization is only dependent on your ability to discover and tap into the tremendous creative power within yourself to reach out to it, accept it, and fully open yourself to the reality that you are worthy, and  that it is in fact yours to receive. All rights reserved worldwide.

There are so many varying types of people in our world with unique personalities, different perspectives, varying degrees of beliefs, varying levels of self esteem, etc.

Make a conscious effort to harmonize what is on the inside, and the external things you desire will magically manifest on the outside. This small class of people are truly fulfilled in their lives.

So what is the difference between the first group and the following two? What allows some to attract and receive whatever it is they desire, why others seem to just scrape by , barely able to make ends meet? Why is it that some seem to float through life with seemingly effortless ease, while others appear to be in a constant state of struggle?

Quite simply, though seemingly complicated on the surface, at it's core it is based on an individuals beliefs.

Although most everyone wants to be fulfilled in their lives, most go about it in the wrong way. By becoming more you are able to contribute more.

Seek the inner wisdom that is available to you, discover and make the internal changes that are necessary for your individual situation and the external conditions, events and circumstances that you experience in your life will change, in a dramatic and powerful way. It is achieved by learning to quite the noise of the external world and allowing the Source of all wisdom and knowledge to communicate with you through the silence. Continue to give more and you will receive more. It is based on your ability to accept and love yourself enough to allow the incredibly powerful law of attraction to draw to you those events, conditions, and circumstances that you most desire to have in your life.

Many today assume that material things will bring them the happiness they seek, only to be let down time and again.

What is available to you in your life? The possibilities are infinite, and limited only by your ability to realize and accept them. You have been given the power to manifest whatever it is that you desire.

The choice is yours. For everyone that asks receives, and he that seeks finds, and to him that knocks, it shall be opened. You have the ability and the free will to become more, in each of the important areas that you desire to improve.  The answers to living in Fulfillment in the external world are available within your internal self. The majority believes that they must find their fulfillment in an external world. If they could only attain that million dollar portfolio, then everything would be alright. They have discovered the key to attracting the unlimited and immeasurable abundance that has been made available to them.

It is an endless and Divinely placed cycle put into place by a Divine Source that loves you far more than you could ever possibly conceive with human understanding.

Many receive the material things that they want only to find in an unspecified amount of time that what they thought would make them happy, eventually loses it's appeal and they find themselves wanting something else.

What results do you desire? What answers are you seeking? What results are you currently receiving? What internal changes do you need to make to manifest abundance in every area of your life? Go within and discover what is right for you.

How do you attain this harmony? By going within. Something More. By assisting others to become more you are fulfilling the ?Grand Plan? that you were put here to fulfill.

One common thread with the mass majority, regardless of  ones uniqueness, is a desire to become more.

Some want more money, others want more love, some want a new car, still others want a new house. They refuse to accept the common self limiting, self sabotaging thinking of the masses and as a result, experience the fullness of life which they have come to recognize and accept as their birthright. If they could only find just the right mate then life would be perfect.

Continue to become more on the inside and you will discover and experience a life that is fulfilling far beyond what you ever thought was possible on the outside. Everything you desire has already been given to you. More what you ask? The answer to that question is as varying and unique as each individual. It is there waiting for you to discover it. Luke 11;9-13 The Bible

? Chuck Danes.

You were created in the image and likeness of your Creator.

What internal changes do you need to make to realize a life of Abundance and Happiness?

Do you need to develop your ability to go within? You can answer that simple question by asking yourself another simple question.

Then there are those that  appear to excel  in one or two of the three important areas, but fail to realize fulfillment in the others.

You were created to become more. Wanting more, receiving it, and then wanting something else after that thing loses it's appeal.. By contributing more, you are assisting others to become more. It is made possible tire gauge due to an internal harmony.

What Are You Attracting?

And I say unto you, ask and you shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you.. It is based on what you have come to believe to be true. Regardless of how far fetched or impossible it may seem to others, these people seem to effortlessly attract to themselves whatever it is they desire, whether it be things of a monetary nature, rigorous health,  or fulfilling relationships. Continue to love more and you will be loved more. If they only had better health then they would be fulfilled. Go within and find it.

It's an endless cycle. They fail to realize that what it is they desire must first be manifest on the inside before it can ever be experienced on the outside.  You just need to discover and unlock it.

They rationalize in their minds that they made a mistake. The specific reasons for this are again as unique as the individual, and can have as many possible reasons for not receiving whatever the desire is, based on the mind of the person doing the wanting.

And finally there is the type that wants, wants, wants, but seem to continually fall short time and again, and never receive the things wanted. The desire to become more is a totally natural and actually commendable human trait, and not one that anyone should feel any guilt about. Regularly quite the mind and ask for and seek a deeper understanding.

Each and every individual that makes up the population of this place we call earth is unique in one way or another.

. It seems that this type of person can manifest results in a specific area with ease, but appear totally helpless and unable to bring about the desired results in the other areas


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